Thursday, December 11, 2014

12/11 or #stormageddon #paleo journal

Yes, it's stormageddon day here in NorCall! So in light of the crisis I decided to carb up for hibernation and flooding! Ready to be trapped in our attic above the raging waters! 

Well, not really, but I considered it. I got up and maintained my clean eating among the chaos of wind and rain :)

I have noticed that my body is throwing a bit of a tantrum (expected) and craving everything processed. It's been a pretty good week, but the lack of sugar and junk has kicked in and the next few days I will need to stay really clean with the diet as I clean my system :) feeling great, waking up with energy and the mid day carb coma after lunch has disappeared. 

Breakfast: 4 premade turkey meatballs and heirloom mini tomatoes and black coffee 

I snacked on the mini tomatoes throughout the day.

Lunch: veggie soup, 3 turkey meatballs. Are you noticing a trend? I keep a container of groceries at work for days I have to eat on the run or don't have time to prep. This was in my stash, and pre made from earlier in the week. 

Dinner: 1/2 small sweet potato 1/2 cup broccoli 1 aidells sausage. 

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