Saturday, December 13, 2014

Saturday!! Paleo journal and weigh in day.

Today was a lazy Christmas time Saturday. And oh I needed it!! 

Woke up to a cup of black coffee in bed :) had a second and then went for a 3 mile run.  Still trying to gage what, if anything, to eat before I run. I actually prefer to have an empty stomach. 

Came home and had a primal fuel shake with cashew milk. 

For lunch I remembered I had half a meal left in the fridge, so had a sausage, a little broccoli. And 1/2 a small sweet potato.

Dinner.. A huge pile of steamed veggies and chicken. I was starving, so the broccoli does an amazing filling job. 

Sitting here sipping on my water feeling great. 

Today was exactly one week and I am down 5 pounds which is amazing knowing I have been busy and not gotten all my workouts in, and had 2 parties that involved non paleo treats. Looking forward to next weeks progress :) 

Friday night journal!

Today will be a quick post since I am headed out the door to a Christmas party! 

Breakfast: primal fuel shake and cashew milk

Snack: almonds

Lunch: turkey meatballs, 1/2 sweet potato and broccoli 

Dinner: tri tip, zucchini and salad 
(Had a couple chocolates at the party, and a dinner roll) 
Skipped the cake... 
First party of the season!!!! 

Thursday, December 11, 2014

12/11 or #stormageddon #paleo journal

Yes, it's stormageddon day here in NorCall! So in light of the crisis I decided to carb up for hibernation and flooding! Ready to be trapped in our attic above the raging waters! 

Well, not really, but I considered it. I got up and maintained my clean eating among the chaos of wind and rain :)

I have noticed that my body is throwing a bit of a tantrum (expected) and craving everything processed. It's been a pretty good week, but the lack of sugar and junk has kicked in and the next few days I will need to stay really clean with the diet as I clean my system :) feeling great, waking up with energy and the mid day carb coma after lunch has disappeared. 

Breakfast: 4 premade turkey meatballs and heirloom mini tomatoes and black coffee 

I snacked on the mini tomatoes throughout the day.

Lunch: veggie soup, 3 turkey meatballs. Are you noticing a trend? I keep a container of groceries at work for days I have to eat on the run or don't have time to prep. This was in my stash, and pre made from earlier in the week. 

Dinner: 1/2 small sweet potato 1/2 cup broccoli 1 aidells sausage. 

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

December 10th entry

Happy Wednesday! Oh man!! Super busy day today! Which ironically made it really easy to just grab some of my premade meals and go. 

I also used cashew milk for the first time and am totally hooked! Silk now makes an unsweetened cashew milk and its a little splash of heaven! 

Here's today's journal
2 eggs over easy
1 pork sausage.
Black coffee 

Snack - banana 

Lunch - leftover jambalaya from last nights dinner

Dinner- burger night! Burger patty topped with sautéed onions, avocado, lettuce and tomato

Ate dinner early and at 8:30 I was feeing day 3 of no carbs...wanting chocolate... So I had a little cashew milk with 2 scoops of chocolate primal fuel. 

If you haven't tried this stuff it's great. While I am an advocate of real food instead of shakes, sometimes you need a quick option! Having primal fuel has saved me from many drivethru's as well as been an extra paleo meal on days I'm extra hungry. Check it out on 

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Tuesday December 9th

Started my day starving! Woke up seriously hungry at 5am. 

Drank a large glass of water before diving into my cup of black coffee.. Once I made it downstairs I started my day with soup. Ha!! Yes you read that right. I had made a pot of vegetable soup with a beef bone broth base. It does have all paleo friendly veggies in it as well as chunks of beef. Had about 1-2 cups and drank the broth. I love leftover dinner for breakfast :) 

Lunch, well.. My office had our staff party today and while I wasn't horrid, I wasn't completely on my game either. I didn't go prepared, instead realied on there being options, which was a mistake. The menu: salad with a vinaigrette, spinach quiche, and bread. Grabbed a decent pile of salad, skipped the bread and had one slice of quiche I picked out of its crust.  What killed me was when I picked at the desserts!! Day two?! Really?! LOL had a some small bites of sugary stuff I didn't need and went on my way. Thankfully, this was not the trend. 

Dinner was a... Well I don't know what to call it. Jumbalaya? I took an aidells sausage and sautéed it in a skillet with broccoli, cherry tomatoes, bell pepper,cabbage, garlic, and asparagus and drizzled about 2tbs of oil off some sundried tomatoes I had. This is basically my effort to use up the last few veggies in the fridge before I put the new groceries in. Once cooked I like to use 1/2 can of the organic diced tomatoes from Costco.  This is actually one of my favorite things to do because I can add a bit of quinoa for the kids and it's truly like a jambalaya for them :) 

Monday, December 8, 2014

Monday December 8th

And so it begins!

Today I started off with black coffee, I switched to this about 2 years ago, so no issues with that here. I get in trouble by drinking too much of it though.

black coffee
2 over medium eggs
3 slices of turkey bacon

at 2 pm I realized I had been elbow deep in website design (and still am) and was starving. I took a break and had some leftover crock pot pulled pork. There was some mesquite seasoning on it, but it is sugar free, from what I can tell it's safe. I sliced a bell pepper and used it to scoop the pork. Gives me the crunch I am looking for.

It was at 2,  TWO O'CLOCK I switched from black coffee to water! Yikes. I post that so hopefully I can  do it a little better tomorrow.

Didn't really snack today, and wasn't really hungry.

Dinner is salmon with zucchini. I use a vegetti to make zucchini noodles (walmart, best paleo kitchen tool ever) and tossed them with a little avocado oil, garlic, and fresh basil. For the kids I do salmon and use the same oil, basil, garlic combo just putting it on whole grain pasta and topping with a little fresh parmesan.

Ended up having a bell pepper as a late snack. 

Workout... since I sat on my bum all day editing a site ;) I needed my workout. I saw a version of this on someone else's site and did it today.

My Paleo Journal

I am once again at that point of needing to tighten the reins on my diet! I love paleo and the health benefits it has but often find myself justifying a cheat bite, which turns into a cheat meal, to a cheat day...and then fat pants! Can you relate?

For the next month I am going to attempt to post my daily 30 day paleo detox. While there are tons of books and resources out there, I LOVE paleo for dummies! It has been the easiest resource I have found.

Once the 30 days is over, I plan to continue he blog as I cook and find recipes.

If you are wanting to try paleo, join me! I will post daily and can promise that as a mom of two, wife and full time ministry leader I don't have time for crazy 60 ingredient recipes or to strain my own almond milk. My plan is to do a little food prep on Mondays and realistic family meals that can be adjusted for kids during the week.

Here goes!

Today I am prepping crustless quiche, I will have these on hand for breakfasts or snacks. I will also prep mini meatloafs. These two things give me paleo friendly meals I can grab and go...or something I can crab if I am just starving. Paleo is not intended to be a starve diet, in fact you need to keep your metabolism running, with the right fuel.

Here are the recipes I am using today.