Monday, December 8, 2014

My Paleo Journal

I am once again at that point of needing to tighten the reins on my diet! I love paleo and the health benefits it has but often find myself justifying a cheat bite, which turns into a cheat meal, to a cheat day...and then fat pants! Can you relate?

For the next month I am going to attempt to post my daily 30 day paleo detox. While there are tons of books and resources out there, I LOVE paleo for dummies! It has been the easiest resource I have found.

Once the 30 days is over, I plan to continue he blog as I cook and find recipes.

If you are wanting to try paleo, join me! I will post daily and can promise that as a mom of two, wife and full time ministry leader I don't have time for crazy 60 ingredient recipes or to strain my own almond milk. My plan is to do a little food prep on Mondays and realistic family meals that can be adjusted for kids during the week.

Here goes!

Today I am prepping crustless quiche, I will have these on hand for breakfasts or snacks. I will also prep mini meatloafs. These two things give me paleo friendly meals I can grab and go...or something I can crab if I am just starving. Paleo is not intended to be a starve diet, in fact you need to keep your metabolism running, with the right fuel.

Here are the recipes I am using today.



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